Remember not to run with bagpipes. You could get yourself kilt.
Definitely on a manic high again the past couple of days, getting things done from too much of a backlog and setting up for a big project at work. I'm glad of the emotional roller-coaster when I'm up, even if it is a pain in the ass when I'm down. I'm also glad that I have this group to say that to. My wife would be upset & concerned if I told her. Which is understandable, given the precarious emotional state of our eldest kid. b3W3, I wonder if any of this resonates with you taking on too much? Just a though. Hope you find a way to avoid burnout in any case.
In the first apartment I lived in with my ex-husband, I built up what I thought was a reasonable amount of supplies, in case of emergency. I thought politics and the environment was going nuts and it was just good to have some stuff on hand, especially after Edinburgh got 6 inches of snow and the entire city ground to a halt because it wasn't used to any snow. I got some first aid supplies, water purification kits, emergency cash, various other emergency supplies, and about two months worth of food and water. I had a little window garden which gave us herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers. I mean, I think for a lot of Americans, that's pretty normal. He told me I was crazy. Over my objections, he took all my supplies and donated them to a food drive at his work, then yelled at me because they were so heavy for him to carry and the people at his work thought it was weird that he was bringing in so much. Five years later, the environment is definitely going off the rails, we've got a fragile ego megalomaniac with his finger on the button, and I'm rebuilding. It's a lot easier now and really satisfying.
Going through a trough right now. Too much giving to other people. I'm running out.

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