KjZ, I hope you're okay. Haven't seen you on here recently.
Last night I sat on the couch between my two partners and snuggled up to them both. We had chocolates and beer, and we watched Shrek and Mulan. My good friend/roommate joined us halfway through Shrek and we cracked jokes all the way through. I'm so happy. This is the life I wanted.
Man, I want to paint my rocket more black than yellow but I can't figure out a good paint scheme — BGLZxOJIriba Duh! Engineers have NO design skill (well known fact). Go find a cute graphics girl and ask her to do a design for you ..
In the last few months, things have settled down into long term patterns in my life. My family is me, my partner who is an immigrant, and my partner who is a big black trans guy. We are going to start trying for a baby pretty soon. Who do you think would be more accepting and welcoming: My 91 year old church elder, widow of a WW2 vet, white, grandmother who lives in rural Ohio and doesn't know any of the gays? Or my boomer 60s-flower-child Berkeley feminist turned New York City intellectual, staunch Democrat, Quaker, vocal supporter of queers and people of color? Grandma. Obviously.

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