It's Valentine's Day. I'm in the library, working by myself. I didn't want to spend today alone. Could it have been different if I'd had more guts? My work needs done in order to have tomorrow to carry out the plans I've made with my friends, but I don't want to work. I need to.
Just want to crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after me.
I'm not sure I have enough appetite for risk to join a company whose plans include "we need to close a series A in six months." — KjZwqp3GitqN Eeesh. Yeah. In b3 news... I've got the flu.
Retiring to that commune sounds more attractive all the time. — KjZwqp3GitqN We're gearing up out here man. Currently in the midst of buying a 4,000 sq ft house and adjoining half acre of land. Seller just accepted my offer, need to line up the financing and then contact the city about the vacant land. Not an enormous rural compound, but a good start for the middle of Cleveland. We have 3 empty rooms...

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