I usually feel like I'm pretty great with my money, but when I look at the numbers... ugh.
No idea if I fit the textbook definition of "genius" or not. I score well on tests. Not sure that means shit. Never really mattered to me - you can still screw up your life pretty good even if you're really smart.
Alright, you guys have motivated me, I'm back on the running.
New plan: work on getting finance masters at night through the public university. Get a finance job at Cleveland Clinic. Exploit the hell out of all their tasty benefits to pay for my partner's top surgery and a bunch of magical queer science babies. Woop woop. Gotta take the practice GMAT tonight. Bet I could just sit it right now and do fine for the public uni.
I know I'm a nerd, but I'm so pissed off at all these little apps that are just letting you pull all your transactions into one place, report on it in a pretty way, and call it a budget. Whoopdedoo, you found the bank's API. That's not budgeting!

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