Don’t recommend vomiting at work. Or on the sidewalk.
I went out and got some men's clothes this weekend. I'm happy and mad. It was so fucking easy. The lady measured my neck and arm, recommended athletic fit to account for my chest and muscled shoulders, an hour later I have 2 dress shirts, 2 pairs of slacks, and a reversible belt that can be black or brown. All of them feel great, are way more functional than any of the women's clothing I've ever owned, were comparable or even cheaper price wise, and I look fucking sharp. Went to the next store to buy some jeans and the same thing happened. What the FUCK. Buying clothes has always been an ordeal for me. This was easy and I felt great when I was done shopping, instead of hating myself. Why doesn't anyone do women's clothing in standard measurements?! what the FUCK
I just want to be alone with my cup of coffee and a distracting book.
We already have three cats. Partner wants to adopt another cat that showed up on his sister's doorstep. Goddamn cats. We're going to be the big gay house full of queers and black cats. But I want to buy another investment property even tough it's only been 7 months since I bought the house and I promised a year off. So if he gets the cat, I get a house, right? Seems fair to me...

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