It's not socially acceptable to express anywhere in this country that having kids was a mistake. But, it was.
I have had quite enough of passive-aggressive selectively-hearing teenagers.
Focusing really hard on paying off debt Paying interest makes me so mad
Life tip. If you meet someone who you hope will be in your life forever. If you meet them and they quickly become one of the most interesting people in your life, if they are kind and challenging and deep thinking and hilarious, and teach you more about the human experience than you managed to pick up living it yourself, and make you reassess your past and future relationships and how you approach romance, when you're staring at their face trying to work up the nerve to say "I love you", just say it. Tell you love them then. That way, when you wake up at 2 AM tangled up with them after mind-blowing sex and falling asleep in their arms, feeling a little too hot and just needing to move around in the bed, you don't completely crap all over that major relationship hurdle by saying "I love you, but I need some space" fuck my life (we're fine but jesus christ what the fuck did I just do what why fuck my life)

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