For all that it's supposedly an old wives' tale, my arthritis appears to be a hell of a lot worse as damp fall weather settles in.
Kids have moved coronavirus into slang. As in "I'm not ready for the history exam" "At least you don't have the 'rona"
Sorry for the huge essays lately. This is what happens when I can't go grab a beer with my friends.
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What about the people who own the cars? What about the people who make their living selling them? Or the people who make their livings making them? Those are people's livelihoods man, those are their families who won't be able to eat or have a roof over their heads. — zOMTUea0qvTH I really don't give a shit about that compared to being afraid my husband isn't going to come home at night. I work three miles from where the cops killed a 12 year old. People keep dying in the county prison up the street for no apparent reason. When my black friend calls the suicide hotline, it ends with police bursting into his home and wrestling him to the ground. We're angry. Why else do you think people are burning shit? For fun? Come on. If you keep beating someone to the ground, do you think they're going to shake your hand when they finally manage to stand up, or punch you in the face?

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