Kinda stressed out but not motivated to do things that'll relieve stress
Got it worked out with my grandma. She actually has a total of $184,000 in debt that i didn't know about. But $100k of it is just hers, for her stuff, and not my concern... until our business starts making the payments for ALL of it, which it has been for 20 months. $750ish a month of unrelated loans basically being paid by my sweat. So grandma owes the business $15,000, and the business owes me $3,000, and we're going to get all of that straightened out by the end of the year. Starting with her paying out of pocket for a full roof replacement on one property. I'm glad I know about it now and I'm getting my money back. But I'm not going to get back all the time I spent doing repairs myself because we didn't have money for a contractor. Which bothers me because I'm such a frugal person. Even the $3000 I'm directly out of pocket is easily 2 months of living expenses for me, 3 if I don't do anything fun/frivolous. Whatever. That's okay. I'm just so glad that I feel better about my grandma now. The one relative I'm close to apparently taking advantage of me so hugely really had me in a dark place.
Vacation next week. What the hell am I gonna do with myself? Probably spend most of it driving kids, actually, so the wife can get a good start on classes for this semester.
I just realized that my beloved grandmother who was the reason I picked Ohio has been manipulating me into making payments on $140k+ of debt she took out without telling me. I just put it all together. I'm never going to trust anyone ever again.

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