I'm so done with the cold weather. I'll be glad when it's warm and stays that way for a few months. I prefer the warmer months. People who enjoy winter and cold weather must have something wrong in their head.
Not having to go to work today was wonderful. Getting the electrical engineering class lab done early was wonderful. I was all ready to type a caveat, and then realized I didn't have one. Woo!
20 years ago: my body is yours, use me, hurt me, fill me. Now: don't touch me, I'm trying to sleep. Times change.
I occasionally check in on various safe haven channels. Recently I've been talking to a trans teenager who is in a bad situation a couple hours away from me. CPS has been involved multiple times but never removed her. Today I talked on the phone with her dad, and she's going to come visit me for a long weekend, to give her space for a few days and to see if everyone (including her family) is comfortable with a possible "outside the system" foster situation. Which could, potentially, mean that I just signed my fiance up to be a pretty young dad-type-person of a troubled teenager without, um, telling him first. I told him about this and he just said he loves that I can't help but be a good person, and he hopes it goes well. And sent me pictures of cute animals for moral support. I am blessed with truly awesome romantic partners.

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