A reminder that nightchamer is not maintained. It runs, and has been remarkably resilient, but if it goes down it is not likely to come back up quickly, if ever. Take care of each other. — SNAyaBBSq1bl Kjz and BGLZ, I think we should swap contact details. Somehow.
let's not have a snivel, let's have a bloody good cry
I forgot that one of my friends was a scary driver & rode with him. Not a great time.
There's a case in my small college town y'all
I'm starting to get really outraged at two groups of people. The first are those who deny that the current global pandemic is actually a serious problem that's going to kill lots of people. The second are those rich folks insisting that their employees still show up for work even if they're not doing anything essential. Fuck them all and the horse they rode in on.

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