IVF process is suddenly happening very fast. I put $15k on my credit card yesterday, including for sperm. My partner found the perfect donor. He could easily be my brother, with my dad's height. Big dorky Scottish social worker. It's very funny to talk about the first business day of my husband's period, and try to figure out which of us is technically being inseminated so we can fill out the paperwork. Looks like I'll be getting an embryo implanted by the end of July. Perfect timing - due right after the tax deadline. I might have already said a bunch of this stuff. It's tough to think about anything else right now. Unfucking the relationship with my own mother is on the back burner.
A beer would be good. Post-vaccine.
i bet i can criticize boeing more enthusiastically than you — BGLZxOJIriba A friend of mine was involved with the programming for the 787 and had PTSD from being pressed to move forward and meet release dates even though their whole team was screaming that it was still dangerous and they needed more time. She died by suicide about three years ago. :/ She was dealing with other mental health problems but the overwhelming guilt of being part of that project didn't help, and it looks like the 787 isn't even their worst. Ugh, Boeing.
Got a little salary bump and bonus at work, passed the $60k mark. Bringing in 5k a month feels like a milestone. That's a perfectly comfortable family income in Cleveland. Double the median household income in our neighborhood. Also, I aced my business law course and am doing well in stats. Getting my Macc and CPA while working full time may actually be do-able, we'll see. Partner is managing our rental properties full time, and I'm covering all of our big expenses and sending money to his bank account every two weeks. It feels really good to be a solid provider. It's going to be totally fine for him to stay home with the kids, but he may actually become an electrician, which would be amazing. Aptitude test with the union is next month. I think he'd love being in a trade and it would be great money. We could both have our own businesses and so some control over our time, that would be a great way to raise a family. If he doesn't, that's fine too. Seeing him devote more time to his art and activism over the last couple months has been wonderful. Accountant and playwright sounds just as good to me as accountant and electrician. Feeling good.
These days are flying by.

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