Starting to get really worn down by the endless bad news.
Tuesdays have turned into meeting hell days. I guess it's better to have it all get done at once, but meeting prep is killing me.
Mine does. He's never visited nightchamber, I think he knows I'd prefer that he didn't. But he's noticed me reading it a couple times and I've told him about my anonymous internet friends.
Is it really worth staying for the 3 years? You're waiting until the kids are out of the house? — b3W3kiUiYWGK Yeah. Raising kids is an 18-year commitment that I'm not going to go back on. — KjZwqp3GitqN I respect that. From what you've said, it definitely doesn't seem like your kids communicate your value to them enough. I know that my dad has been a major positive influence on my life, even if I haven't always shown it to him.
Indiana hitting record high new COVID cases. Are we backing down on reopening? Don't be silly, this is a red state.

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