It was a long week of hardball politics at work. In the end, I chose to not spend any political capital on further opposing a plan that I know his going to cost us time and money. It'll fail soon enough, and the jerk who tried to make me look bad by promoting it has successfully marginalized himself and alienated his boss. I'm sure there's a lesson in here but mostly I'm just tired.
End of week five. This is going fast.
Cases continue to inexorably around here. People continue to pretend nothing is happening. The human race, wotta bunch of dolts.
i bet i can criticize boeing more enthusiastically than you — BGLZxOJIriba A friend of mine was involved with the programming for the 787 and had PTSD from being pressed to move forward and meet release dates even though their whole team was screaming that it was still dangerous and they needed more time. She died by suicide about three years ago. :/ She was dealing with other mental health problems but the overwhelming guilt of being part of that project didn't help, and it looks like the 787 isn't even their worst. Ugh, Boeing.

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