Booked what will likely be my last "wild cave" tour for youngest daughter's birthday. Hopefully the sciatica won't be too cad that day and I can actually make it back up the 95-foot ladder at the end.
Back in the US. Had a great trip, but it's good to be home.
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Queer commune life... There are now four people living in the house, all of us assigned female at birth, but I'm the only woman. And as I'm getting more comfortable with myself, I'm dressing increasingly butch and even binding some days. (Although I'm not questioning my gender.) My aesthetic goal is for someone at a party to be shocked that my black radical partner is dating this preppy white guy. More people do seem to be assuming that each of us are gay. They think he's a gay man and I'm a gay woman and everyone is confused when we mention the opposite-sex partner. Ha. Consequence of my changed presentation? I get read as male more often when I'm with him, and probably read as a butch lesbian when I'm alone. Our nonbinary housemate presents as basically a swish gay man. We're a great flamer and butch pal pair, ignoring that they're not a man and I'm not a lesbian. I'm really enjoying it all. Even our little 22 year old mooch, who I'm increasingly considering a foster kid. I try to remember that he's as mature as the usual 14 year old, and be patient when I show him how to put detergent in the dishwasher. (It's currently Jan 8 and no sign of rent this month.) We have one more bedroom but I'm not in a rush to fill it. Probably one of swish housemate's activist buddies or partner's artist buddies in a few months. Preferably not another white person.
Getting into the design I've been assigned for the beginning of my Master's research. Took a bit for me to start getting invested, but I'm feeling some excitement growing.

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