I'm feeling really good today, especially for someone who got about four hours of sleep and has an escaped pet corn snake roaming around her house somewhere. The meds are evening out my mood, seeds are sprouting in my greenhouse, I'm adopting another cat. And... I'm feeling so financially secure. I just looked over the calendar, ticking off in my head what income I should expect on what day, and it's gotten to the point where I have at LEAST one cash infusion almost every week. Paycheck, rent, roomie's rent and bills, paycheck, property management fees, rent, paycheck, dividends, paycheck... what a good feeling.
Sometimes I feel like what I need is a good swat on the side of the head with a baseball bat. A sudden WHOOSH-TRING noise, blinding pain, waking up in a hospital and hugging my mom. Sympathy from friends, a socially acceptable reason to re-evaluate my life choices.
Body image issues are not the sole province of women.

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