I'm so done with the cold weather. I'll be glad when it's warm and stays that way for a few months. I prefer the warmer months. People who enjoy winter and cold weather must have something wrong in their head.
The people I hang out with and study with are pretty smart. They'll get good jobs, building cool things. I know a guy who starts work at Pratt & Whitney this summer, straight out of college. He failed the same test I did a few months ago when he took it two years back. one of the engines he builds might be on the wing of a plane i'll be in someone help these machines are being built by people who got C's in dynamics of particles and rigid bodies ahhhhhhhhh they probably don't feel any more confident than i do
I've got an event tomorrow that I really want to talk about here but if I even alluded slightly to which area of my life it fits into you'd suddenly know a lot more about me.
If I had a dog that behaved as badly as my eldest child, I'd shoot it.

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