Lots of snow. That's cool. Still going to have to take my final tho
I've been feeling lonely. I want to talk to someone about it. Normally, that'd be my friends. I haven't talked to them about it, though, because I don't know how to bring it up without it sounding like I'm blaming them because they're my friends. :/
Everything is out of control. I wish I had a parent to talk to.
I'm sorry to hear about how things are with you, b3. Sounds like they've sucked. They'll get better, and I know you know that. Hang in there, we're (just "I'm", maybe) here for you.
Been taking a bit of a break because life has been sucktastic lately. Relationship has reached a state of armed truce as xmas approaches. Looking for a new job and discovering that nobody wants to hire a 60-year-old generalist. 15 pounds overweight and back on the bottle. So, yeah. b3, hope you pull out of your current mess, but I don't have a lot of optimism to offer just at the moment.

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