A small part of me is really looking forward to the day when I don't have any older family members.
About 17 mg under the FDA-recommended caffeine limit today so that's fun
No idea if I fit the textbook definition of "genius" or not. I score well on tests. Not sure that means shit. Never really mattered to me - you can still screw up your life pretty good even if you're really smart.
I think I'm much nicer and happier when I'm thinking competitively rather than collaboratively. When I'm letting myself be competitive, it's like "Oh, okay, you must be working to the best of your ability and this is where you are, that's fine for you. I'm going to go further, you stay here where you're comfortable. I'm grabbing a coffee, want one?" Whereas when I'm trying to be collaborative it's like "Let me try to explain this project to you in small words you'll understand and we can get this done together. Can you promise me you'll actually do your part this time? Do I have to do everything?! Wait, what do you mean I have to share the credit with all these doofuses?" So that's why I'm not doing political activism right now.
I know I'm a nerd, but I'm so pissed off at all these little apps that are just letting you pull all your transactions into one place, report on it in a pretty way, and call it a budget. Whoopdedoo, you found the bank's API. That's not budgeting!

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