If your heart didn't hurt you'd be less than human. Sadly, many people fall into that category. — KjZwqp3GitqN Her dad sent me medical authority today. Yay! I'm excited! We can DO STUFF now! But also, this guy has spoken to me for probably a grand total of about 20 minutes. And now I have medical authority for his youngest kid.
Guys my life is a mess.
Toothache. Suspect it'll have to be pulled. Meanwhile, miserable.
I never feel like I fit in anywhere. I do have friends and family, but when I get in this dark mood, I just want everything to shut off. I don't think I could commit suicide, because it'll be so-so's birthday or it's christmas or whatever and don't want to ruin people's good time, but sometimes I like to fantasize about getting killed in freak accident like being hit by a sign, nobody has to feel guilty and everyone can move on with their lives.

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