What I wanted to say to the aggressive tenant who I'm kicking out, but didn't because I'm a fucking professional: I'm not the owner, I'm the manger. He pays me to manage the property so he doesn't have to deal with you. I know how much your security deposit was, and I'm not going to just take your word that the unit is in great shape, because you're probably going to break the windows or put cement down the drain as soon as I give you the deposit back. There s a difference between a termination and an eviction. $725 is perfectly acceptable rent for a month to month lease in that neighborhood and if you don't think so, move. 4 weeks should be plenty of time for a good tenant to find a new apartment, it's not my fault that you're an asshole with a criminal record who is probably going to have to stay with family. Yes, it actually WAS my decision to terminate the lease, and it wasn't because you said I have bad business practices, it's because you're aggressive, you hit on me when we're alone in the apartment, you park your freaking huge truck in the driveway and block the other tenants, your girlfriend with the steady job left you and isn't there to pay the rent any more, and yes, you actually are just as dumb as I think you are.
16 appears to be the age of "fuck you, dad" attitude.

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