Today I took a day off work. I had a long skype with my fiance, I bought a new truck (the goal for my day off), I had a long phone call with my mom. I called a tenant I've been having minor problems with and worked it out. I drove across the city to get a new lease signed with another tenant, then came back and did some work on a house. Wired in a light fixture, second coat of paint on a kitchen wall and trim, cut two beadboard wall panels to fit around a window and nailed them up. Phone says I had text conversations with 14 people today, mostly business related, or checking in on people I love. That's a productive day, right? Most of my days are like this. It's all about loved ones or business. And the business is going well - filling out the application for my car loan, realized I've about quadrupled my income and put 200 points on my credit score. Why do I feel like such a shithead? If I was actually successful and loved wouldn't I be happy?
On the road for the next two weeks. Posts here will be spotty or nonexistent. I'll be back.
Back from a week at Mammoth Cave with most of my kids. It was OK. Hard to relax when you're refereeing.
Can't tell if I'm bored or really interested in everything
Investigating prefab house kits.

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