This time last month I thought I had the flu. Now I also think I have the flu. But I actually had a flu shot this year. Maybe I should go see a doctor, I'm sick of being sick. If I get the house (should hear whether mortgage is approved in the next day or two) there's going to be a month or two where I have mortgages to pay on both houses, and I'm having to put money into the new house to get it ready to rent. I have no clue how I'm going to afford that right now. If I can just get through that, I'll be golden, but I might have to rely on credit cards to make it happen.
I feel like I get taken advantage of a lot because people assume I have money to spare, and I assume people I love have good intentions.
Rocket fuel science...I once had the privilege of seeing some of the shattered parts of a steel reaction vessel, embedded several inches into the concrete where the explosion had deposited them. Fun times.
Need to knuckle down at work. I've been really slacking since Christmas. At some point people are going to realize that.
Oh boy we've got a lot of work to do

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